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  1. What about data security?
    • We are proud of our 100% record for data security and work very hard to maintain it.
    • Our offices have been inspected by Cabinet Office and we are obviously DPA registered and most recent Cyber Essentials assessment was completed successfully in January 2018.
  2. We carry out our own internal review, why would we need your service?
    • Most organisations do not have the time or the resource to investigate as deeply and as far back as they would like to.
    • We have a patented solution, consisting of people, process & technology.
  3. Our accounting systems have error checking software - therefore you won't find much?
    • Typically, accounting system software may pick up approx 30% of errors, therefore leaving 70% undetected.
    • Reminder 'no recovery / no fee.'
  4. We don't have the time for this, how much work will our staff have to do?
    • We do over 95% of the work and have many references to back that up!
    • Your involvement is authorising our claims and telling us when the money has been paid into your bank or value has been received.
  5. How can you claim you have less impact on our staff and our suppliers than other consultancies?
    • Unlike many of our competitors we employ ALL of our audit team which means we can guarantee the quality of account management and levels of service. We also have dedicated VAT and statements teams. Our clients consistently tell us we find more and have less impact; we would like you to follow up references.
  6. We are thinking of buying specialist software, why would we need your service / solution?
    • With software you do 100% of the work.
    • The best specialist software will typically only pick up 50% of errors we find, leaving 50% undetected.
  7. What IT needs do you require from us?
    • We require a terminal with 'read only' access to your purchase ledger and general ledger.
  8. How long will we have to wait from first day of audit to receiving recoveries?
    • On many occasions the first items are confirmed within 48 hours and repaid within a week.
  9. What does 'no recovery / no fee' really mean?
    • We only invoice you for our fee once you have confirmed receipt of the recovered claim.
  10. How does a Recovery Audit affect the relationship with our suppliers?
    • It doesn't, we work as if we are part of your team, in a consultative and sensitive manner.
  11. How often should we run a Recovery Audit?
    • Best practice recommends every 12 to 18 months.

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