Contract Compliance Reviews

Business is about Relationships and the Supply of Goods/Services

Sounds simple doesn’t it? In reality it’s much more complex. Those relationships and the supply of business critical goods and services are generally controlled by a contract.
In our experience large, high value, complex contracts are rarely delivered 100% correctly, leading to a risk of lost profits.

Factors influencing Contract Non-Compliance

Contracting is becoming ever more complex. In today’s cost conscious world, investment in resources to manage contract delivery is often underfunded, placing greater reliance on the validity of supplier information.

A Contract Compliance audit will either;
1. confirm contract terms have been implemented correctly; or
2. identify contract non-compliance issues.

How we can assist your organisation

  • As Contract Compliance specialists we are able to take data from multiple sources and validate it against agreed contract terms
  • Using our knowledge and experience we focus on the detail within a contract, comparing it against the net costs actually incurred to ensure you have been charged correctly
  • We invest our time on your behalf, but when errors are discovered;
    1. we validate our findings with you; then
    2. we support you in the presentation, discussion and ultimate recovery of any overcharges identified; and
    3. at all times, we listen to you and respect the relationship you have built with your suppliers.

Our experience

  • Meridian has considerable experience undertaking contract compliance audits in sectors including Financial Services, Leisure, Oil & Gas, and Power
  • We have experience in cost areas including;
    • Temporary Staffing and Contract Labour
    • Telecommunications
    • Facilities Management and Property Management
    • Pricing, Distribution Costs & Rebates
    • And even …Oil Platform Services and Vegetation Management
  • We have established strong relationships assisting organisations across both the public & private sectors.

We can help you turn Contract Compliance monitoring from a cost centre to a profit centre.

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Contract Compliance - Case Studies

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